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10 Things To Know While Renting a Car in Dubai

The process of renting an automobile for a holiday is a practical approach. It saves you money that you'd be spending on taxi cab rides and will save you from overpacked public transportation. Here are few things you should keep in mind before and after booking a car.

Renting a car

Be attentive

You should your eyes open up and note the prevailing dents, scratches etc prior to the car rental personnel hands you the vehicle. It will always be smart to take pictures on your smartphone is required.

Sufficient Money

Your credit greeting card should be with you when you rent an automobile. Most rentals car companies won't make it possible for travelers to lease a car without a credit card.

Size of The Car

How big the rentals car is can impact the price you pay. The conditions like "small," "mid-size," and "luxury" may differ across rentals car companies. To demonstrate car sizes, Speedy Drive offers car models or suggest just how many passengers the automobile seats safely.

Keep Motorists to The Minimum Amount

Whether you're enjoying a family holiday or a getaway with some friends, keep a cover about how most of them can drive the automobile. No matter just how many of these are over the age of 25, you'll still find yourself paying a cost on who can in fact drive. Make an effort to maintain just two motorists or you will be paying more than you want to.

Speedy Drive

Safety Measures

Never ignore to wear your seatbelt as it could cost you a huge fine of AED 400. Don't accelerate unnecessarily, particularly if you are driving a car a leased car. You may even incur additional charges within the AED 600 speeding fine. Always keep in mind to cover parking in public areas and private paid-parking areas.


You should use the GPS navigation from the organization you hire from. However, your mobile phone has a properly good navigation that will not wipe out you too much on your computer data plan.

Get The Automobile Back Promptly

When returning rented car late, this incurs significant additional fees, as it pertains to results they have a grace period where no additional charges will be asked (ranging from 29 minutes up to one hour).

Hourly charges will be tacked to the bill plus they accumulate quickly! Each hour past due can add 25 % to one half of the daily rate to the ultimate total. If you need additional time, call the organization in advance to extend the period of your local rental.

Crosscheck Regulations of the Service Provider

Rent an automobile for as many days and nights as required nevertheless, you must ensure that the procedures enable you to keep carefully the car without charging heavy volumes for extra miles! Crosscheck the regulations of the car rental service that if they charge by days and nights or by the number of kilometers that you drove.


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