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A Handy Guide for Air Conditioning Installation

Air conditioning system is one of the necessities to beat the summer heat. However, it takes a tremendous financial investment to have your new AC adequately installed. Also, it’s a bold step towards achieving your home comfort. As summer closes, you can replace your old and energy-consuming system with a new AC. Having a new system will not only save you the discomfort during breakdowns but also the energy and repair cost. With the following guide on ac installation, you can have your air conditioning system in a perfect working condition.

Air Conditioning Installation

Size and Placement

Choosing the right-sized air conditioner is one of the first things you should do. If you select a small AC system, it will run continuously for a longer time to cool the house, thus high maintenance cost. Consequently, the large AC cools the air very fast and are not able to dehumidify it properly. Therefore, choose a suitable AC size that fits well into the intended space without any problem.

Energy Efficiency

Choosing an energy-efficient ac system can drastically lower your utility bills. Before settling to buy that state-of-the-art air conditioner, you need to be keen on the energy efficiency rating (EER) to obtain the most cost-effective solution. Since the AC ratings range from 8 to 11.5, you should choose one with the highest ratings. Even though the energy-efficient ACs are much expensive, they pay off almost immediately.


You should get your AC installed in a place where it can effectively cool your entire home. Since the location of AC condenser can have a significant impact on its shelf-life, you should be careful with the place you want it to be installed. Keeping it in bright sun can cause overheating that may lead to frequent breakdown and inefficient cooling. Therefore, your AC condenser should always stay in shaded areas.

AC Quality

Though cost factor plays a critical role in choosing the type of AC service Dubai for any residential or commercial buildings, you should also consider the quality of the machine. That said, high-quality AC systems are often expensive, durable, efficient, and can serve you optimally for an extended period. Thus, you can invest in a high-quality AC to avoid frequent breakdowns that come with the expensive repairs.

Efficiency of the Air Ducts

The Efficiency of the Air Ducts

It is one of the essential issues to check before any AC installation. Your ductwork must be in absolutely excellent condition. Inefficient ductwork can leak up to 20% and shelf cold air into the surrounding areas, sealing the joints works excellent in ensuring the much-needed fresh air stays in the house. To ensure that, you can get the service of AC maintenance experts.

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