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Contact Lens Hygiene: Do’s and Don’ts

A lot of people love to wear eye contact lenses, as it tends to make your eyes stand out. One thing we don’t know is that contact lenses need some high-level attention in the hygiene sector. The advantage of lenses is that they can correct problems that glasses alone cannot, especially to those who have sensitive eyes. Whether you need them for appearance or reading, you need to get a recommendation from a good ENT doctor for eye and ear surgery Dubai. You’ll also have to choose how often you’ll be wearing them, as the functionality of each varies.

Good ENT Doctor In Dubai

Points to Consider Before Buying Contact Lenses

Various tests will be performed

Before handing out the contact lenses, you will have to take an eye exam and a prescription will be given accordingly.

Learn how to wear the lens

Practice how to use contact lenses beforehand, so you understand how it works.

Get to know when to have appointments with your doctor

Before buying the contact lens, make a timetable to know what date and time you have your appointments at.

Choose lenses that best fit your lifestyle

If you’re a sports person, you can use the disposable ones, and throw them when not in use.

Tips on How to Handle Your Contact Lens

Eye Contact Lenses

Keep your hands clean

Always wash your hands with some water and preferably soap to kill the bacteria.

Use the solution prescribed by the doctor

The thin lens should be cleaned by the solution to keep it moist. It’s best if you clean it with a clean tissue before soaking it in the solution.

Use the storage container provided

You’ll be provided with a storage container, filled with a solution. Use only the container to store the contact lenses overnight.

Use eyedrops

If you feel like your eyes are drying out or are constantly blinking, take off the contact lens and use some eye drops to keep them wet.

Things to Avoid While Using Contact Lenses

Applying make-up when handling contacts

Avoid having cosmetics come into contact with your lenses or if you have any eye infections.

Continuously rubbing your eyes while wearing lenses

If your eyes are somehow red or itchy, try to remove the lenses before rubbing them. It is dangerous and harmful to do so with your lenses on.

Performing co-curricular activities with the lenses on

It doesn’t matter if you are swimming or running, you need to perform these activities with your lenses off.

Using tap water to rinse your lenses

Do not use any other component apart from the solution provided. In the absence of it, get prescribed a fresh solution.

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