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Top Five Exercises to Enhance Your Body Muscle Mass

Among the biggest misconceptions related to exercising is the fact that a good body can be built, and resistance develops only when you are weightlifting. Well, not true. We don’t say that this is entirely wrong because much fault can be blamed on the plethora of health magazines and the lack of knowledge. With guidance from expert fitness trainers in Dubai, you can easily develop resistance and build a body by adapting to bodyweight exercises. To convince you that bodyweight exercises can also help you enhance your strength, power, and endurance. We have listed five bodyweight exercises that work best.


Squatting helps you in improving your body strength and mobility of limbs. It helps in increasing muscle strength and tightens them. It is suggested to include squats in daily high-intensity work then it can aid in weight loss. Stand upright. The feet should be in alignment with the shoulder. Now, begin to drop your hips by bending your knees. When you are at almost 90, pause. Now resume. Repeat for at least 15 reps.



An alternative for bench press, push-ups are a great exercise to work on the entire body, at least the upper half. Start in the plank position. Now hold your breath. Let your elbows bend. When you exhale lower your upper half toward the ground. If you are unable to perform this exercise, then follow a variation. Initially, you can take the support of the knees and let them touch the ground.


This workout helps in improving core strength. Start by lifting your body against gravity, take a breath. Use your forearms to raise your torso area upwards. Perform at least 15 reps.

Elbow Plank

Like push-ups, the elbow plank works best for abs and they strengthen quads and glutes. Elbow planks are particularly helpful in increasing the stability of the core, improving balance and posture and relieving lower back pain. There is another variation to plank known as ab rollouts, which improves torso rigidity and movement thus increasing.



Best for resistance training and improving cardiovascular health, burpees can be done anywhere and easily incorporated in any workout regime. Burpees can be incorporated with other exercises like push-ups and pull-ups. Start in a standing position and gradually lower your body in a squat position. Now lower your upper body and touch the ground after that jump so that you land back in the plank position. Jump on your feet and extend your arms and raising your hands into the air. Return to the squat position and perform at least 10 reps. We recommend you source a good trainer who can help you with this.

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