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Maintenance For Stored Running Cars In UAE

Maintenance For Stored Running Cars In UAE

Xmiles UAE gives you a complete stored car maintenance service, to make sure you can enjoy the same drive and comfort you left your car in.

The Need For It

Car workshops in DubaiThere are many conditions under which people may have to leave their cars parked and unused for a long time.

They could be moving abroad, travelling for a long time, going to another city, or be attending an emergency requirement away from home.

In these conditions, it is often hard to charge someone with taking care of the car while you are gone, not only because of needing someone you can trust, but because many of these things are slightly technical.

Not Done

If the car is not stored and cared for properly when it remains parked for say, about a month or more, there are many issues that can take place in different parts, which will affect its performance when you come back.

In many cases, you may even have to get a service to bring it back to normal operating conditions.


Parking carThere are at least ten different items or aspects that you have to cater to when leaving your car around for a long time.

Obviously, for many people, this might be too many, and they may not have someone around who can take care of all this when they are gone.

This is where car workshops come in. These places are experienced in ensuring stored cars are looked after well, no matter how long they need to be kept.

Skilled supervision at a car workshop will make sure the car drives exactly the same when the owner returns.

What Does Stored Car Maintenance Include?

There are many things that fall under the banner of maintaining stored cars. Some of these are things that owners can also do on their own.

These are some of the important and easy ones:

Parking Location

You can Park your car in an indoor place, when it will remain safe and clean. If you have to park it outdoors, it is wise to use a good cover, which will protect it from the weather.

All The Car Liquids: Fuel, Air, Water, Oil

Car liquidsThe many car liquids should be filled again or topped off to full.

So for the fuel, this would mean filling the tank up totally. This will make sure the tank remains clean.

For the air, it means getting them filled with air to the recommended pressure, because otherwise, they will give in to the weight of the car when it is parked for very long.

For the engine oil and water, fill both of these with new supply to make sure dirt and sludge is removed. Then drive the car a little so the oil can enter the engine and swish around.

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