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Origins Of The Auto Word

Origins Of The Auto Word

First self powered vehiclesElmer Sperry, a member of the SAE was the one who came up with the title.

Culmination Of Thousand Of Patents And Designs

Just like any major piece of technology, the car was not made by one person alone, and went through many design changes before reaching the versions of today.

The evolution of the automobile spans a series of changes and modifications all over the world, and were based on several thousand patents.

The first theoretical plans for a motor vehicle were drawn up by Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton.

The First Self-Powered Vehicles

Frenchman Nicolas Cugnot made the world’s first moving vehicle in the year 1769. This vehicle was powered by a steam engine.

The British Royal Automobile Club and the Automobile Club de France acknowledged this accomplishment.

Diamler And Benz

However, another implication is that the first car was made by either Gottlieb Daimler or Karl Benz.

This is because both, Daimler and Benz, invented successful and practical gasoline-powered vehicles that ushered in the age of modern automobiles.

Both of these individuals made the cars that functioned a lot like the vehicles we drive today.

Steam Engine Cars

Daimler BenzCugnot was an engineer and the maker of the world’s first independently powered vehicle; a tractor that would also function on roads.

A steam engine was used to drive this automobile.

The construction took place under his supervision at Paris Arsenal.

This structure was employed by the French military to throw artillery at a fast pace.

This vehicle used to accumulate steam power when it took breaks in between hauls.

A few years later, he put together a vehicle, which could hold four passengers as well, and was based on a cycle design with three wheels.

Some people consider the initial steam-driven bodies as the first cars, and conclude that Cugnot invented them.

Later on, many other innovative minds tried their luck and achieved many great improvements.

Steam-driven vehicles with better designs were made, and the most notable contribution of them all came from Frenchman Onesiphore Pecqueur.

He also the first one to introduce the gear in road vehicles.

Electric Cars

Steam engine carsWhile the earliest vehicles that could move on their own and create their own power used steam engines, there were other ways to drive cars emerging gradually.

The introduction of the electric engine was also part of these developments, and the initial such vehicle was a carriage, constructed by Robert Anderson.

The first electric carriage in the world was made by Scotsman Robert Anderson. The exact date of this is still unknown, but estimates suggest it was during the years after 1832.

Electric cars were based on deriving power from batteries, which could be recharged again and again.

They were used to transfer power to an electric motor housed in the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the first of these cars were very bulky and costly. They also needed to stop every now and then to be charged again.

Most of us are familiar with how things took a turn from that point. Cars that use fossil fuels, namely oil and gas took over the scene, and started to dominate the market.

However, electricity to power transport was not let go completely. It became a better and more efficient idea to use it in trams, where the units could easily access electricity.

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