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How to Deal with Road Rage with Your Rental Car

Driving can be stressful, and especially when you are driving on unfamiliar roads in a different country. The stress and anxiety that comes with trying not to break the law (some which you may not even know of) increases. Maybe it's your first time on the wheel after a considerable period of you not driving. Sometimes the stress and agitation that is brought about by some incidents on the road make one susceptible to road rage. But, do you know you can avoid all these. Even if it's your first time driving after an extended period, you can still prevent road rage. Here's are some of the tips you can utilize.

Road Rage

Avoid Driving at Peak Hours

Rental companies such as Quick Lease, a reputable car rental agency in UAE, have noticed that during rush hours are when most road rage accidents occur. So, if you can, its best to avoid driving during those hours. Also, avoid taking the busiest routes. The busiest routes are just as the name suggests, active, and you'll encounter many people. It makes it difficult to face road rage. So, use the quieter roads instead. Or, if you can't, then try and use the busy highway at times when it's known to be free flowing.

Always Be Alert

Driving while exhausted is not advisable. It would help if you do not drive for long periods without resting in between the trip. Also, do not drive when you're emotional, rest it out first. These are some of the things that will make a driver more susceptible to being easily irritated, and they'll not handle situations maturely. Being alert makes it easier for you to detect a volatile situation, and you'll work to prevent it from escalating.

Do Not Break Road Rules

It's simple if you do not want to be the victim of road rage, make sure you respect the road rules and regulations. You need to keep a considerable amount of distance between you and the car ahead of you. Never drive while intoxicated. A drunk driver will more likely cause or agitate a road rage situation. Be polite, such that if you make a mistake, you will be mature enough to apologize rather than see the situation escalate.

Do Not Break Road Rules

Do Not React to Road Rage

You may be on the receiving end of road rage, rather than reacting, you'd better keep calm and be the bigger person. Walk away from such situations. If you notice a driver is angry, avoid engaging them in a conversation. If they come close to your car, roll up the windows, and have music on; avoid eye contact with them. When you are away from the incident, and you are nervous, pull over and rest a while, then you can continue with your journey.

Make Prior Plans

Just as you do when looking for car rental Dubai cheap option for your holiday, plan ahead of your journey. Do not rush or feel rushed when driving. Feeling rushed will make you feel more susceptible to stress, and this will influence the decisions you make. Now, why don't you hire a car from a car rental today without worrying about road rage?

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